Brew Master

“ My role involves traveling around tasting beer on behalf of the consumers. It is probably the best job in the world” Tim said excitedly.

Being the founder of breweries here and there, Tim was also a beer journalist and technical editor for The Brewers Guardian and hired as a consultant around the world.

Tim, the master Brewer of Stärker Fresh Beer is absolutely no stranger to the brewing industry. Cask Marque, a charity organization committed to ensure excellence of excellence of cask beer made available in local pubs was audited by Tim. Ensuring fresh beers in cask are of high quality at all times. “After all, drinking beer is one of the most enjoyable and fun experiences you can enjoy in life. Go for the freshness.” –Tim

Our vision is to deliver the freshest brew crafted with top-notch skills and passion to our customers.

Passion, loving beer and doing what we love

Our Brewery

We have breweries in both Singapore and Malaysia. Even though the breweries are fitted with gleaming steel of machineries constructed in the modern age of technology, our breweries adopt traditional German-brewing techniques, from milling to fermentation.

All Stärker Fresh brews offered are brewed in an unadulterated form using the finest ingredients of hops, malt and yeast from Europe.

Whether light or dark; all brews are kegged fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized

Brewery Process

Cold Chain Delivery

We use a cold chain delivery system to transport our fresh beer to consumers. The fresh beers are kept between 2 to 4°C throughout the delivery, ensuring the beer is kept fresh and ready to drink from kegging to premise.



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