Starker Fresh Beer is an authentic German-style fresh brew. Derived from the German word that means ‘Stronger’, Starker revives an old-world style of beer drinking in the modern vibrancy of life that many have yet experienced. Our unique identity features the authentic German-style fresh brew experiences for all occasions. Keeping to the German tradition of beer drinking, our beers are stored in barrels for consumption and a wooden mallet is used to drive a metal tap into the barrel to dispense the beer.

Oktoberfest in Germany traditionally commences when the Mayor in Munich taps the beer barrel on national television, declaring “O’zapft is”, meaning “it’s tapped”. The tapping of the barrel represents the good harvest for that year.

We strive to deliver and guarantee freshness from the first gulp right to the last.
Oktoberfest starts with the first tap in our Starker outlet. Every day of the year.


Fresh brew with 7 days shelf life

wooden barrel

Served in traditional wooden barrel


Cold chain delivery


Gold Medal Award winner

We are made by history

They say that fresh beer is an over statement. We beg to differ. We started Starker Brewery to serve fresh beer the traditional way for beer connoisseurs. We’ve been honing and delivering quality fresh brew with a 7 days shelf-life ever since.

At Stärker Fresh Beer, we are proud that we honour our German brewing techniques using the finest European ingredients. Every batch of brew is served in traditional wooden barrels that revive the old-world style of beer drinking.

Our vision is to deliver the freshest quality beer, skillfully brewed with passion and devotion by our highly motivated team of craftsmen.