Freshly Brewed in Singapore

Freshly Brewed in Singapore


Starker Fresh Beer is an authentic German-style fresh brew. Derived from the German word that means ‘Stronger’, Starker revives an old-world style of beer drinking in the modern vibrancy of life that many have yet experienced. Our unique identity features the authentic German-style fresh brew experiences for all occasions. Keeping to the German tradition of beer drinking, our beers are stored in barrels for consumption and a wooden mallet is used to drive a metal tap into the barrel to dispense the beer.

Oktoberfest in Germany traditionally commences when the Mayor in Munich taps the beer barrel on national television, declaring “O’zapft is”, meaning “it’s tapped”. The tapping of the barrel represents the good harvest for that year.

We strive to deliver and guarantee freshness from the first gulp right to the last.
Oktoberfest starts with the first tap in our Starker outlet. Every day of the year.


Fresh brew with 7 days shelf life

wooden barrel

Served in traditional wooden barrel


Cold chain delivery


Gold Medal Award winner

We are made by history

They say that fresh beer is an over statement. We beg to differ. We started Starker Brewery to serve fresh beer the traditional way for beer connoisseurs. We’ve been honing and delivering quality fresh brew with a 7 days shelf-life ever since.

At Stärker Fresh Beer, we are proud that we honour our German brewing techniques using the finest European ingredients. Every batch of brew is served in traditional wooden barrels that revive the old-world style of beer drinking.

Our vision is to deliver the freshest quality beer, skillfully brewed with passion and devotion by our highly motivated team of craftsmen.


Brew Master

“ My role involves traveling around tasting beer on behalf of the consumers. It is probably the best job in the world” Tim said excitedly.

Being the founder of breweries here and there, Tim was also a beer journalist and technical editor for The Brewers Guardian and hired as a consultant around the world.

Tim, the master Brewer of Stärker Fresh Beer is absolutely no stranger to the brewing industry. Cask Marque, a charity organization committed to ensure excellence of excellence of cask beer made available in local pubs was audited by Tim. Ensuring fresh beers in cask are of high quality at all times. “After all, drinking beer is one of the most enjoyable and fun experiences you can enjoy in life. Go for the freshness.” –Tim

Our vision is to deliver the freshest brew crafted with top-notch skills and passion to our customers.

Our Brewery

We have breweries in both Singapore and Malaysia. Even though the breweries are fitted with gleaming steel of machineries constructed in the modern age of technology, our breweries adopt traditional German-brewing techniques, from milling to fermentation.

All Stärker Fresh brews offered are brewed in an unadulterated form using the finest ingredients of hops, malt and yeast from Europe.

Whether light or dark; all brews are kegged fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized


Our Brews

A Starker Fresh Beer is one that stands proud and unique from others. A big promise- 7 days shelf life, cold chain delivery system, fresh beer served in traditional wooden barrels and high quality ingredients imported from Europe.

Try any of our 5 unique brews, from classics to our creations. You will find that having a Starker Fresh Beer, you’re guaranteed a beer experience right from the origins of fresh brews.

Explore the wonders of Starker Fresh Beer and it’ll leave you wanting more.

Business Opportunities

At Stärker Fresh Beer, we are committed to quality, innovation and customer service. Our philosophy of continually striving to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and successful Fresh Beer concepts has embedded a strong and passionate commitment to producing high quality products for the enjoyment of all beer lovers.

We are continuously looking for like-minded beer lovers who want to share this great passion of ours. For those with entrepreneurial spirit and interested in being a business partner, we’d love to discuss further on your interest. Please contact info@ysq-intl.com.sg for further details.

Interested in having Starker Fresh Beer at your event? We would love to hear from you.
Do contact info@ysq-intl.com.sg


We offer opportunities for career advancement along with an attractive salary package to all ideal candidates.

Thank you for your interest in joining Stärker Fresh Beer. However, there are currently no positions available. You may deposit your resume at hr@ysq-intl.com.sg and we will contact you should a suitable position be available.


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